REVIEW: The Princess Saves Herself In This One

“ah, life-
the thing
that happens
to us
while we’re off
somewhere else
blowing on
& wishing
ourselves into
the pages of
our favorite
fairy tales.”

Title: The Princess Saves Herself In This One
Author: Amanda Lovelace
Published: April 2016
Genre: Poetry
Rating: ★★★★★

The fact that Amanda is a friend of mine won’t be coloring my review of this, however I will say that after I was done reading, I felt like I’d learned more about here through her writing than just a casual conversation with her.

Perhaps it’s my talent for being an extremely easy crier when it comes to books. I mean honestly, show me an emotional sentence in Harry Potter, anywhere, and I can probably start crying. But Amanda brought me to tears several times while I was reading.

From struggles with her mother, the death of her sister, (and so soon after the death of her mother), a man who decided he didn’t need her love, and her finding the man that did. Honestly, it was just so moving, and so beautiful.

And the last few poems, structured more as a piece of Amanda’s personal beliefs on feminism, privilege, and racism, rather than her life experience, they’re so touching and kind, while also being as violent and harsh as they need to be to show the truth of whichever words she’s using.

I have no doubt in my mind that Amanda will find so much success as a poet. Her words are wondrous, the structure absolutely superb. I mean, I’m no poetry critic, but if something can make me feel the range of emotions I felt while reading this, then it has to be good!


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